How To Make Recipe: Blackberry Kale Smoothie

I was talking to a friend on the phone the other day (a rare treat for a farmer after the growing season has started) when she told me about her kale smoothie recipe using blackberries. Wow, it sounded good! For some reason (not sure why) I have never made a kale smoothie with blackberries. I simply cannot wait for blackberry season to get here to make this so I will break down to actually buy some frozen blackberries (and some pre-chopped fresh pineapple – also a rare treat!) to make my own as soon as I can get to the grocery store. (which is not very often during growing season). 

Here is the recipe plus a photo and my friend’s comments!

How To Make Recipe: Blackberry Kale Smoothie

How To Make Recipe: Blackberry Kale Smoothie
How To Make Recipe: Blackberry Kale Smoothie

Diana – John and I decided you must have 364 days of kale and were scraping the barrel to ask me for a recipe (lol)! But here it is:

2 cups chopped/torn kale leaves (without big stems), 
I cup frozen blackberries, 
4 chunks of fresh peeled pineapple, 
water as desired  

I usually eat this with a hard boiled egg, or you can add a handful of almonds to the other ingredients in the blender! It’s non-dairy and has nothing in it to bother me 🙂 

Thanks for always inspiring me to try harder. 
love Jane 

I told Jane to send me her recipe plus a photo and I would post it up on my kale blog and make her more famous than she already is – haha. 🙂 (and yes she is very well-known in her own little corner of the world!)

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